Poetry from 15th century

Now that I have covered all the English Literature written from 15th centruy to date I feel I can tell what I think about each.In this post let me just write about 15th and 16th century.

Starting with 15th centrury English poems I have read only Chaucer’s Prologue and anybody who has read it will vouch for its superior quality and matter.How brillaint was Chaucer to write such a poem!!.The way he decribed each from his society in musical words is amazing.Now the question remains to be answered if he truly gave portrait of then society or merely wrote on his whim.In either case his description is so beautiful that I can see the Prioress before my eyes,can see the corrupt priest,can watch Frank’s gluttony and thin Oxford scholar who loved only books and the Doctor who loved gold .Who can forget the Wife of Bath? Hats off to Chaucer!

The next set belongs to Shakespeare ,John Donne,Spenser,Johnson and Bacon.

Of these I will write few things about Donne and Bacon.

Donne invented a new scholl of poetry called Metaphysical poetry.After reading his poetry all I thought was how can anybody think like this?His conceits,his concise writing,his harsh poems (in meter I mean) all give me only SHOCK.We can give him points for shocking us and making sure we look at him.

Bacon known all over the worls for his essays .Man what a form of writing.The essays are very diificult to understand.I had to read them thrice to even understand what Bacon tried to convey.He is known for his Aphorisms(like in “Of Truth” he says “A Lie faces GOD and shrinks from Man”).Now to understand it you need to really work hard!.How did he write like this?

My experience after reading it was  can anybody think like this? And to think that these people lived some 400 years back and yet they thought so well. I do not want to comment on their content because I have no authority to do so.

I just mention them because they have indeed contributed a lot to English Literature.

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