Hello there

Hello there ! This is my first post after a looong time.A lot has happend between then and now 🙂

Today I feel like writing about Jane Austen’s book Persuasion. I somehow like Anne Elliot more than any of her heroines (Yes I know many of you will think I am a fool!)

None of her other heroines are more closer to reality then her.The weakness of character is getting persuaded by Lady Russell,the goodness to bear her sister’s silly nature and her insensitive father’s comments  and above all maturity ,these things make Anne Elliot a character to be always remembered. 🙂

I am not undermining character of Elizabeth nor Emma nor the sisters of Sense and Sensibility.I just feel more comfortable with Anne than others.I somehow feel other characters are bit louder and kind ofunbeliveable in someways.

I just love the way she feels the love for Wentworth and yet comstraints herself because she knows he may hate her now.She doesn’t throw herself at him and acts according to the situation.Captain Wentworth realises his love for her on his own accord  and with no ohysical influence of Anne Elliot .She just stays the way she is  and he falls in love again with her (rather her character) .Thanks Jane (where ever you are) for such a lovely book.

This is one of the best I own and will always cherish it!

Love you Jane!!

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